Warwick Audio Brings Advanced Audio Technology R&D To MIRA Technology Park

Warwick Audio Technologies, a leading UK-based technology company specialising in the development of an innovative type of high-quality loudspeaker, has taken residency at MIRA Technology Park, the UK’s leading automotive technology park and Enterprise Zone.

  • Warwick Audio will develop its patent-protected HPEL Electrostatic loudspeaker for automotive applications at Technology Park site
  • Company strategically relocates to be in the heart of European Automotive Industry

Warwick Audio Brings Advanced Audio Technology R&D To MIRA Technology Park

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The result of 10 years of patented research, Warwick Audio’s High Precision Electrostatic Laminate (HPEL) transducers deliver the ultimate in high resolution audio reproduction in a thin, lightweight and flexible package, making them ideal for a host of applications, including innovative in-car entertainment systems. Most recently, the transducers have been used in the SonomaTM Model One, a high-end audiophile headphone system, which has won already multiple industry awards for the quality of its listening experience.

The move to MIRA Technology Park represents Warwick Audio’s continuing positive momentum and growing engagement with the automotive sector. By strategically positioning itself at MIRA Technology Park, the company has geographically aligned itself with leading automotive manufacturers that have a presence on site.

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Car interiors present a particularly challenging environment for the audio designer. Style and weight have always been a significant consideration in the modern automotive industry, where an array of technology is now an expected part of the driving experience. Space is also at a particular premium. As we move towards autonomous driving experiences, manufacturers are starting to focus on providing comfortable living spaces and improving the in-car experience. In-car entertainment will be at the forefront of the next generation automotive experience with the provision of high-quality audio a major part of that experience, especially as electrification makes vehicles quieter,

M1 system

Manufactured exclusively in the UK, Warwick Audio’s HPEL transducer technology presents a disruptive solution to improving In-car entertainment. Small, flexible, ultra-thin laminate speaker panels can be incorporated into spaces where other loudspeakers simply would not fit. They can be formed into the surface of doors, door pillars, roof linings or even in headrests without compromising those structures. This technology promises to bring a Hi-ResTM Audio surround sound experience to vehicles for the first time, raising the bar of what can be expected of sound reproduction in an automotive environment.

Dr Mike Grant, CEO of Warwick Audio Technologies, said:

“We’ve had a great 18 months and we’re seeing real positive momentum as we start to fully commercialise our ground-breaking technology in the Sonoma? Model One headphone system. The move to MIRA Technology Park represents the next step in our journey as a business and our engagement with the automotive sector. With its brilliant facilities and excellent transport links, MIRA not only suits our operational needs, it is perfectly located at the heart of the European car industry.”

Terry Spall, Commercial Director at MIRA Technology Park, said

“Warwick Audio is a fantastic addition to the already impressive array of tenants at MIRA Technology Park. The firm provides a unique solution, which will improve the in-car experience in a non-traditional way. By moving to the Technology Park, the company has put itself in the perfect location to gain access to the leading automotive manufacturers that have tenancy at MTP. With the region being the thriving centre of the automotive sector in the UK, we expect to see more companies that offer these diverse technologies being attracted to the area.”

For further information, please visit www.warwickaudiotech.com or www.miratechnologypark.com.