Defence Vehicle Data Analytics

Defence Data Analytics

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As complexity grows and the value of data increases in the automotive sector, our mission is simple. We want to better understand the complex challenges you face, from product conception through to operation. And we want to use the knowledge we discover along the way to help you develop better products and maximise value.  

Understanding the performance of your product plays a key role in ensuring it delivers what you want, when you want it. That’s where our dedicated data analytics team come in. We develop and deliver solutions to optimise vehicle attributes and monitor vehicle health. Using data driven insights we can help you avoid costly warranty issues and enable self-diagnostics for automated driving functions.

Whether you’re delivering rich in-vehicle digital experiences, safety critical automated functions or through-life updates, you need to ensure they’re resilient to cyber-attack. We’re developing the next generation of digital engineering tools and data analytics to simplify ever more complex engineering and validation processes. This provides agility and optimised decision making at the earliest opportunity where you need it, to deliver competitive advantage.

We take a multi-discipline approach to data analytics, combining experienced data scientists and vehicle engineers. They’re well-versed in managing large amounts of complex data using an array of methods and understand the opportunities afforded by the next generation of vehicles. So, we’ll analyse and interpret data intelligently to inform your specific challenges. From vehicle optimisation to fleet management. 

In short, we combine advanced data analytics and engineering know-how to deliver the value you need. 

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Defence Vehicle Testing

Our defence vehicle testing capabilities are comprehensive and rigorous, ensuring military vehicles perform effectively and reliably in the most challenging and hazardous operational environments.  Our capabilities included environmental testing, mobility testing, hot and cold weather testing and electronic and communications system testing.

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