ADAS Robustness


Safe Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are key features in new vehicle platforms and form a core component of today’s standards and regulatory requirements.

The future of standards and regulations will seek to drive ADAS Robustness within these systems, ensuring they perform at the capability needed for the increasingly complex environment they are required to operate in.

But how can you tell when your ADAS feature has reached a level that is safe, robust, acceptable to consumers and therefore ready to deploy?

Our team of experts are on hand to support you achieve this. Using our own tools, processes and test services we can design, develop and execute a test plan which not only uncovers potential failure modes to reduce post-deployment issues, but also meets or exceeds competitor products to give you a safer vehicle with improved consumer confidence.

ADAS Testing

Our ADAS testing capabilities are a critical step in the development and deployment of ADAS systems. We simulate a wide range of driving scenarios and conditions to ensure that ADAS systems can accurately detect and respond to potential hazards. ADAS testing is also used to verify that ADAS systems are compatible with each other and with other vehicle components.

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