Defence Vehicle Electrification and Power Testing

Defence Electrification and Power Testing

Demand for electric defence vehicles continues to grow. So, you need a partner who combines engineering expertise with the facilities to design, develop and reliably test electric power systems to exacting standards

We have many years’ experience of developing and testing electrical power systems for the defence market. By applying our expertise and knowledge from the civilian automotive sector, we deliver a vehicle-centred approach. So, we never look at components in isolation. From initial design, through product development to testing, we use virtual engineering to assess the overall impact of each component, as well as any changes we make.  

And, whether it’s battery packs or thermal systems, we’re used to designing, developing and testing to meet the relevant defence standards on a range of vehicles. So, we help to take the risk out of your vehicle development programmes. 

Defence Vehicle Testing

Our defence vehicle testing capabilities are comprehensive and rigorous, ensuring military vehicles perform effectively and reliably in the most challenging and hazardous operational environments.  Our capabilities included environmental testing, mobility testing, hot and cold weather testing and electronic and communications system testing.

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