Defence Vehicle Certification and Homologation

Defence Certification and Homologation

Building regulatory compliance into the design and development process of your vehicle from day one is crucial. Because non-compliance at the certification stage can lead to costly and time-consuming delays.  

We’re a recognised test service for a number of international regulatory authorities. So, our highly experienced homologation and certification consultants will work closely with your engineers. Advising on relevant regulatory requirements and whether your products meet them. And supporting you in gaining certification as quickly and smoothly as possible.  

Our understanding of the different legislative requirements around the world means we can adapt your vehicle to be road legal in the territory of your choice. And, as a test service, we can also certify your product for a number of defence markets.  

Defence Vehicle Testing

Our defence vehicle testing capabilities are comprehensive and rigorous, ensuring military vehicles perform effectively and reliably in the most challenging and hazardous operational environments.  Our capabilities included environmental testing, mobility testing, hot and cold weather testing and electronic and communications system testing.

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