Our Vision

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Welcome to the future of mobility, where innovation meets responsibility and progress is powered by purpose.

With nearly eight decades of automotive engineering innovation under our belt, we’re stepping boldly into the future. We’ve redefined our focus, aligned our engineering capabilities, and invested in pioneering facilities.

From comprehensive battery development to our ground-breaking Driving Simulator Centre, we’re enabling automakers to engineer vehicles virtually, significantly reducing the reliance on carbon-intensive prototypes.

At HORIBA MIRA, our vision is that every journey in the world will be positively influenced by us. We envision a world where the automotive industry is not just a driver of change, but a catalyst for a sustainable and thriving planet. We believe that the journey towards Net Zero is not a mere choice – it’s the very essence of our future. 

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A Comprehensive Net Zero Strategy

A Comprehensive Net Zero Strategy

At HORIBA MIRA, we reject fragmented solutions. Instead, we embrace a holistic approach to Net Zero mobility. We’re not content with mere posturing or greenwashing – we’re committed to delivering effective solutions within the necessary timeframes. Our journey has led us to reinvigorate our core skills and competencies, invest in new engineering capabilities, and build cutting-edge infrastructure dedicated to enabling the entire automotive ecosystem to transition seamlessly to Net Zero.

A Shared Responsibility for Net Zero

A Shared Responsibility for Net Zero

The iconic car, once a symbol of personal freedom, has now become the emblem of global progress towards a Net Zero future. Our conviction is unwavering: achieving this goal requires audacious goals and unified efforts from both the automotive industry and governments worldwide. We’re ready to lead the way.

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Virtual Engineering, Real-World Impact

Imagine replacing time-consuming vehicle testing with a process that’s 50 times faster. That’s the power of our Driving Simulator Centre. Collaborative programs like ViVID, developed in partnership with Ford, showcase how emissions testing and driver feedback combine to revolutionise calibration and validation. With simulation tools, what used to take days in the real world can now be accomplished in just 90 seconds.

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More Than Green: Better Vehicles, Faster

Our commitment to Net Zero doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. At HORIBA MIRA, we’re turning limitations into opportunities. We’re proving that innovation thrives under constraints. By harnessing available time, budgets, and resources, we’re demonstrating that the pursuit of Net Zero can yield more than one kind of upside.

Future Fuel

A Future Fuelled by Choice

At HORIBA MIRA, we’re technology agnostic. Our investment and support for emergent technologies – like hydrogen – highlight our commitment to choice and innovation. We’ve developed an Energy Hub which will encompass a 1MW hydrogen electrolyser, offering ample hydrogen supply and rapid EV charging. We’re pioneering green hydrogen solutions, supporting a new wave of OEMs and technology developers committed to a sustainable future.

Engineering Ecosystems

Engineering Ecosystems for Tomorrow

Our journey doesn’t stop at clean propulsion. Efficiency, connectivity, and automation are vital components of the Net Zero equation. With over £100 million invested in Europe’s leading autonomous vehicle facilities – ASSURED CAV – and world-class expertise in automotive cybersecurity, we’re paving the way for an intelligent, interconnected future.

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Driving the Future, Together

At HORIBA MIRA, we don’t stand alone. Our automotive clients and breakthrough companies on our site form an ecosystem of innovation. With a vision spanning 2.4 million square feet of advanced manufacturing, supporting thousands of jobs, we’re not just generating answers – we’re transforming them into reality. Our carbon mitigation mission embraces advanced manufacturing, collapsing logistics, and sustainable practices.

Sustainability Beyond Engineering

Sustainability Beyond Engineering

Our commitment extends beyond technology. Renewable energy, water independence, wildlife preservation, and electrification of site vehicles are woven into our fabric. Our vision isn’t just about products; it’s about practices that reflect our dedication to a greener future.

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A Collaborative Call to Action

Net Zero is a challenge that unites us all. The path forward requires collaboration between manufacturers, governments, and technology providers. We’ve created a hub of capability, a nucleus of expertise. But this journey isn’t one we can undertake alone. With support, commitment, and collective vision, we’re ready to redefine the automotive industry, power progress, and make Net Zero a shared reality.

Join us on this transformative journey towards a cleaner, brighter future. Together, we’ll drive change, redefine mobility, and create a world that is truly Net Zero.