Thermal Energy Management

Thermal management

Effective thermal systems are vital in all vehicles, helping to meet the thermal and efficiency attributes that deliver the outcome you want.

We have extensive experience in designing and developing thermal systems that maximise energy efficiency, driveability, cabin comfort and overall system performance. 

From attribute cascade to system definition and sizing. Modelling and supplier identification to test planning. Aerodynamic cooling to under-bonnet and under-floor thermal management. Battery pack and powertrain cooling to personal comfort control. We have the engineering expertise to balance all your requirements, and design and develop efficient thermal management systems for your vehicle.

And, with our Vehicle Thermal Energy Optimisation Suite (VTEOS), we can simulate a variety of use cases and environmental conditions for early testing. This reduces the number of prototype vehicles, saving you time and costs, while reducing risk. All supported by our wider whole vehicle thermal test capability. And our ability to integrate the thermal engineering and test cycle to meet your needs.

Climatic and Thermal Testing

We offer a wide range of climatic testing services, including static climatic testing, climatic wind tunnel testing, and combined environment testing. These services are used to assess the performance and durability of vehicles and components in extreme environments, such as extreme heat and cold, high humidity, and high wind speeds.

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Every course we offer is delivered by professionally qualified automotive industry specialists, putting the next generation of engineering talent in touch with experts accustomed to the highest standards of vehicle research and development. New open-access and bespoke courses become available regularly, so if you’re not quite sure which course best suits you or your workforce, please contact us.

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