Powertrain Optimisation

Electric Drivetrains scaled

From conventional ICE to electrified solutions, modern powertrains are ever more complex and interdependent. So, the need to manage range anxiety, optimise thermal performance or extend battery life is vital.

We’re highly experienced in optimising energy efficiency while maximising performance, comfort and safety in all driving conditions. It’s about understanding every system and component, and using energy in a smarter, more efficient way by balancing the different needs.

Our advanced “in-the-loop” modelling tools and simulations help you achieve this. Minimising the use of expensive prototypes and delivering solutions faster. Our advanced Data Driven Calibration Optimisation (DDCO) solutions for “in-the-loop” modelling tools and simulations help you achieve this.

You might be looking for support in designing energy-efficient systems to meet your brand requirements. You may already have a defined vehicle architecture and need our expertise in identifying the best way for systems to work together. Or you may need to test the performance of a new component or sub-system. Whatever your needs, we’ll work with you to define a smart approach.

Electrification and Battery Testing

We offer a comprehensive range of electrification and battery testing services, including electrical performance testing, environmental testing, safety testing, and durability testing. Our facilities are some of the most advanced in the world.  Our capabilities help to ensure that electric and fuel cell vehicles are safe and reliable, and that batteries meet the performance and durability requirements of their intended applications.

Automotive Training Courses Delivered by Technical Experts

Every course we offer is delivered by professionally qualified automotive industry specialists, putting the next generation of engineering talent in touch with experts accustomed to the highest standards of vehicle research and development. New open-access and bespoke courses become available regularly, so if you’re not quite sure which course best suits you or your workforce, please contact us.

Skills Training

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