Passive Safety

Passive Safety Test Dummy

HORIBA MIRA provides full passive safety integration and vehicle crash development for internal combustion engine, electric and hybrid vehicles.

By combining state-of-the-art test solutions with unmatched levels of engineering experience, we deliver the very best safety services to a global client base. With an indoor crash lab and an external crash site, a HyGe sled, gravity sled, pedestrian impact rigs, numerous component testing rigs and a comprehensive suite of computer simulation tools, our safety development services are uniquely offered from the same location.

Our safety experts provide everything required to develop vehicles and their associated sub-systems, from bespoke test piece design to routine testing of global legislative standards. Through continual investment we are also able to establish and run large- and small-scale safety integration programmes as well as deliver turnkey vehicle safety solutions for our clients.

For full details of our Passive Safety capabilities, please click here.

Passive Safety Testing

Our Passive Safety capability is a critical aspect of automotive testing, helping to evaluate how vehicles and their occupants respond to various collision scenarios. Utilising our extensive facilities and our safety engineering expertise, these tests provide valuable data to improve vehicle design and safety systems. 

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