Electromagnetic Resilience EMR

Electromagnetic Resilience

As more vehicles rely on complex electrical systems that all have the potential to interact with each other, we’re at the forefront of optimising electrical performance.

We understand that EMR isn’t just about regulatory compliance. It’s about satisfying your end customers’ expectations for ever-more sophisticated in-vehicle services. And ensuring faultless connectivity to enhance your brand. That’s why we look at every aspect of electrical integration and how your vehicle’s electronic systems interact with each other. So, we’re using advanced tools to optimise antennae and deliver high levels of connectivity. Our risk-based approach helps you identify and track what to focus on throughout development. And we can design and develop test solutions, while mitigating against the level of risk you want.

It’s all about understanding your brand requirements. Using our high levels of engineering expertise to differentiate your product. And delivering the performance you’re looking for.

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