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Faster, smarter solutions. Proven engineering expertise. And world-class testing facilities. That’s what you can expect from HORIBA MIRA. 

We’re one of the world’s leading independent civilian automotive engineering companies. With an agile work approach that means we can offer rapid solutions to meet your needs. We have a strong record of supporting defence and security clients, from design and development to building and testing prototype vehicles. Our offer includes digital engineering to accelerate development, reduce risk and save costly changes further down the line.  

Our flexible approach means our engineers can work alongside your teams, sharing their design and development expertise, either at your site or remotely. Or we can give you access to our advanced engineering facilities at the MIRA Technology Park.


A company holding JOSCAR accreditation gains enhanced credibility within the defense, aerospace, and security sectors. This certification signifies compliance with industry standards and demonstrates a commitment to quality, efficiency, and risk management. It streamlines procurement processes, fosters trust among clients, and opens doors to new business opportunities, bolstering HORIBA MIRA’s reputation and competitiveness.

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