Vehicle Dynamics

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Understanding what you and your customers want from your vehicle. Applying these market and brand requirements to each system and component. And ensuring everything works in harmony to deliver the ideal ride, handling and steering performance.

That’s at the heart of our world-leading vehicle dynamics attribute development expertise.

Simulation plays a key role in our development process. We use a range of parametric and multi-body development tools. And our new Driving Simulator Centre adds to our subjective approach. Alongside our virtual engineering abilities, you’ll find advanced real-world component, system and vehicle level test facilities and proving ground surfaces. Delivering engineering services for a variety of customers.  

In short, we offer a complete vehicle dynamics development service, from whole vehicle, to testing individual components using proven methodologies and processes.

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Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics Testing

Our Vehicle Dynamics Testing capability enables vehicle manufacturers to evaluate the dynamic behaviour of vehicles under various driving conditions to ensure optimal performance, stability, and safety. These tests assess how vehicles respond to acceleration, braking, steering, and other manoeuvres. Our capability helps engineers optimise a vehicle’s handling, performance, and safety characteristics, ensuring that it meets design objectives and provides a comfortable and controlled driving experience.

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