Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC

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When it comes to EMC, we’re not just working to international regulations. Our experienced team’s been involved in setting them – and helping our customers to meet them – since the 1990s.

This insight enables us to take a whole vehicle and component approach to EMC. Defining test and development plans where needed. Ensuring overall resilience by mitigating and managing risk. And delivering a product that gives you the performance you’re looking for in a full range of complex conditions.

It’s about understanding all your needs. Using our independence to find the best solution for you. Defining the most pragmatic implementation. And applying our virtual engineering expertise to save you time and cost.

In short, our expert EMC knowledge and adaptable approach will help you get to market quickly, with reduced risk.

EMC Testing

Our EMC testing capability means we can support you in vehicle design, pre-test investigations and testing for both EMR and EMC. This includes testing each system in isolation against international standards, as well as testing them as a whole when brought together. It’s an approach that ensures your electronic systems are robust, safe and secure

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