Defence Vehicle Resilient Solutions

Resiliant Solutions

As vehicles become more connected, it’s vital to understand and mitigate against possible risks. From EMC to cybersecurity and functional safety, we’re helping to set relevant international standards. 

 We take a whole vehicle approach to EMC, from RF immunity to battery packs and emissions. Using virtual engineering to manage and mitigate risk, we deliver overall resilience for quality performance in all conditions.  

We’re used to analysing cyber vulnerabilities, assessing potential threats and testing on-board security systems. So, we can help you to understand and mitigate against potential cyber threats. 

And we’re active members of development groups for key international functional safety standards. Applying this knowledge, we’ll ensure your products meet the corresponding defence standards. 

In short, we’ll work with you to ensure your products are as risk resilient as possible.  

Defence Vehicle Testing

Our defence vehicle testing capabilities are comprehensive and rigorous, ensuring military vehicles perform effectively and reliably in the most challenging and hazardous operational environments.  Our capabilities included environmental testing, mobility testing, hot and cold weather testing and electronic and communications system testing.

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