HORIBA MIRA People Awards 2023

The group of winners at HORIBA MIRA's people awards 2023

Celebrating Excellence and Team Achievements

In a ceremony held on January 25th at MIRA Technology Institute, HORIBA MIRA hosted the fourth edition of the People Awards, recognising and celebrating the exceptional achievements of its talented team members. The event was a testament to the commitment and dedication of the individuals who contribute to making HORIBA MIRA a truly outstanding workplace.

Recognition and Celebration

Team members were acknowledged and celebrated in a special in-person ceremony. Hosted by HORIBA MIRA’s Managing Director, Declan Allen and HR Director, Lisa Rowles, each nominee received a personalised certificate from a senior team member. The overall winners in four categories were announced, highlighting the extraordinary talent within the HORIBA MIRA family. The categories were:

  • Innovation
  • Team Player
  • Customer Focus (Honmamon*)
  • Customer Focus (Delivering Brilliantly)

Two further standout moments of the event were the Special Recognition awards. Ashley Patton, Chief Engineer, and the ADAS Team both received well-deserved recognition for their outstanding achievements throughout the year, reflected in their numerous nominations across the 2023 awards categories.

Adding to the excitement, Rob Ripley, Commercial Manager (Business Development), was honoured with the prestigious HORIBA One Company Award. This annual accolade is a reflection of Rob’s exceptional contributions across the HORIBA group.

Praise for Quality and Diversity

Lisa Rowles expressed her enthusiasm for the fourth year of the People Awards, highlighting the outstanding quality and diversity of nominations. More than a hundred individuals were nominated by their peers, showcasing the depth of talent within the organization.

Lisa commented, “HORIBA MIRA has an incredibly talented and dedicated team, and these awards are one way we acknowledge the great achievements and behaviours of our people.” She also commended the judges for their excellent work in evaluating the nominations and celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of teams and individuals across the business.

Celebrating Success Together

The awards programme is a reflection of the strength and unity within the HORIBA MIRA team. With each passing year, the People Awards grow in significance, honouring the exceptional contributions that make HORIBA MIRA a great place to work.

As we raise a toast to our outstanding team, we look forward to another year of achievements, growth, and success at HORIBA MIRA. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

*The Meaning of Honmamon
“The eternal pursuit of creating/providing something from the heart that is one-of-a-kind.”

HONMAMON, derived from the Japanese word Honmono (meaning authentic), is an expression used in Kyoto which indicates the highest class of real. 

HONMAMON is born from genuine curiosity and passion, reflecting on other’s needs.  HONMAMON describes the people, their actions and endeavours, and everything that is born as a result of the continuous pursuit for something better.

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