HORIBA MIRA Receives RDW Technical Service Designation for GSR2 Subjects


In a significant achievement for automotive safety compliance, HORIBA MIRA has secured Technical Service Designation from the Netherlands Type Approval Authority, RDW, for a range of critical General Safety Regulation (GSR2) requirements.

The designated General Safety Regulation subjects obtained by HORIBA MIRA encompass a comprehensive scope, comprising:

  • UN ECE Regulation 138 AVAS
  • UN ECE Regulation 140 ESC
  • UN ECE Regulation 141 TPMS
  • UN ECE Regulation 151 BSIS
  • UN ECE Regulation 152 AEBS light vehicles
  • UN ECE Regulation 158 Reverse Detection
  • UN ECE Regulation 159 MOIS

This designation arrives at a pivotal time for the automotive sector, as more regulations become mandated by the GSR2 regulation for new vehicle types and sales from July 2024. HORIBA MIRA’s updated designation enables the company to provide a full suite of services, ranging from testing through to obtaining type approval. This accomplishment positions HORIBA MIRA as the first commercial entity in the UK to achieve this esteemed status from RDW.

For a comprehensive list of subjects covered under MIRA’s updated RDW designation, please refer to this link: https://vehicletesting.solutions/results/gsr2/

Looking ahead, HORIBA MIRA is set to expand its Technical Service scope with RDW in the upcoming year, intending to incorporate additional new regulations. The company already welcomes other Technical Services and Type Approval Authorities to witness testing on our site providing a broader array of options and solutions to the automotive industry.

HORIBA MIRA’s achievement in acquiring RDW’s Technical Service Designation underscores its commitment to ensuring automotive safety and compliance, offering enhanced support and services to both system providers and vehicle manufacturers as the industry navigates evolving regulatory landscapes.

To get in touch about how we can help you, visit: https://www.horiba-mira.com/certification-homologation/general-safety-regulation-2-gsr2/