Vocis’ New Facility Consolidates Business & Drives Next Phase of 48V 4SED Transmission Development

  • Vocis Strengthens Operations at MIRA Technology Park

  • Vocis to recruit up to 10 new engineers in five years

Vocis, one of the UK’s leading specialists in advanced vehicle driveline solutions, is set for the next phase of development of its 4SED Transmission, following the consolidation of its operations at MIRA Technology Park.

Vocis’ New Facility Consolidates Business & Drives Next Phase of 48V 4SED Transmission Development

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The company, which provides expertise in the design, development, integration, control and calibration of automotive transmission systems, has brought together its 30-strong team into one location for the first time, where it will develop its innovative Four Speed Electric Drive (4SED) alongside its engineering activities on customer projects and other advanced engineering projects for multi-speed seamless shifting transmissions. Vocis is owned by global expert in power transmission components and transaxles for high performance vehicles, Oerlikon Graziano.

The 4SED provides combined performance and efficiency improvement, compared to a single speed solution, and achieves seamless gear shifting within a very simple mechanical layout. The additional USP of the latest R&D developments include the integration of 48V electric machines, a novel low-cost contactless gear engagement device and a powertrain controller suitable for driving both electric machines and vehicle control.

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 Vocis’ larger facility at MIRA Technology Park enables closer collaboration between staff and the ability for the business to expand its team. The company will welcome up to 10 engineers in the next five years including two graduates starting this summer.

Vocis’ vehicle workshop expansion comprises a low volume manufacturing clean build area, an electronic hardware development area, a prototype machining facility and current on-site test rig operations, with further flexibility to increase on-site test rig operations. This enables Vocis to provide on-site vehicle prototyping for advanced engineering projects, with quick turnaround enabled by these on-site facilities.

Mark Slater, Operations Director at Vocis, said:

“We’re thrilled to have been able to bring our whole business under one roof. Being located at MIRA Technology Park means we can readily tap into the testing facilities on site at HORIBA MIRA, and the campus lay-out enables us to work collaboratively with other engineering businesses who are considered top of their field. It’s a unique set up, and one which we are proud to be a part. Crucially, the larger workshop also enables us to achieve our goal of showcasing our 48V 4SED transmission in a new demonstrator vehicle by the end of the year.

Terry Spall, Commercial Director at MIRA Technology Park, said:

“We are really pleased Vocis has been able to bring its teams together here at MIRA Technology Park. The company has an exciting future ahead of it and we look forward to seeing their innovations come to life.”

For further information, please visit http://www.vocis.co.uk/ or http://www.miratechnologypark.com/