Vehicle Resilience

Safe, secure and connected. 

We have brought together a creative and talented team of engineers, analysts and specialists with state-of-the-art equipment and the flexibility of a cutting-edge cluster of over 14 facilities to create the heady mix of innovation required to deliver our world-class services and solutions using a rigorous approach for trusted and resilient mobility.

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Automotive Cybersecurity 

We tailor and implement complete lifecycle process frameworks to ensure cybersecurity is a central part of our client’s systems and services from concept phase through development, production, operation, service, and decommissioning. Our frameworks include the use of bespoke and common-existing tools and methods for designing, verifying and validating cyber-physical vehicle systems. We offer individual or turnkey services including:

  • Cybersecurity process development based on the latest industry best practices
  • Engineering consultancy, including implementation of recommended practices
  • Cybersecurity testing and assessment services
  • Technical seminars and training

Our portfolio is broad and deep and we are developing and delivering services and solutions to our worldwide clients including:

  • Personal and commercial vehicle manufacturers and their tiered supply chain
  • Smart infrastructure manufacturers, their supply chain and integrators
  • Service providers and operators

With positions on all of the key international standardisation and regulatory committees and over 13 years of experience delivering global programmes and R&D in automotive cybersecurity, we are the trusted choice for automotive cybersecurity.

Electromagnetic Resilience

We use a systems engineering approach to reduce the risks associated with warranty and brand deterioration caused by electromagnetic issues; including the delivery of vehicle feature sign-off measures that reflect ‘real world’ performance for wired and wireless connectivity technologies.

We understand that new platform design and development is complex due to the rapid integration of many new technologies. Hence there is a need to carefully manage the risks associated with the integration of electrical content and EMC performance to ensure customer satisfaction whilst balancing the cost of test and engineering.

Our services and programme methodology ensures legislative EMC conformance and certification for the required market(s) and minimises risks associated with issues that may impact on corporate EMC performance targets to help avoid unnecessary and costly delays.

Using virtual and physical assessment methods we deliver our advanced verification and validation services.

We are developing immersive situational test services for automated vehicle features to allow confident use within their intended electromagnetic environment.

Functional Safety 

At HORIBA MIRA we use proactive engineering to reduce the risks associated with functional safety; using recognised best practices and state-of-the-art standards to help the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to develop safer products.

Functional safety is part of the overall safety of a system or equipment and concerns the correct operation of a system in response to its inputs, including the safe management of likely operator errors, hardware failures and environmental changes.

In the past, the causes of malfunctioning behaviour were limited to random or systematic faults within a system. The introduction of automotive systems with greater authority and autonomy (for example advanced driver assistance systems) changes this as a malfunctioning behaviour may be caused by incorrect or incomplete specification. This is where the application of systems engineering principles ensure a complete and robust system specification.

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