MIRA to Unveil Mojacar Brake Testing Capability at EuroBrake

MIRA will reveal new facilities dedicated to brake system development at EuroBrake (May 13 – 15, Lille, France), bringing a full suite of services to its global OEM customers.

MIRA to Unveil Mojacar Brake Testing Capability at EuroBrake

The consultancy is expanding its brake engineering services with a new bespoke facility near Mojacar, Spain, to broaden its environmental testing capabilities. The service will add to MIRA’s existing expertise in advanced development testing for braking systems, including the use of its bespoke proving ground in the UK and cold climate testing in Scandinavia.

With many years’ experience running brake development programmes in the region, the new facility near Mojacar gives MIRA a long term presence in Spain. It is combined with MIRA’s solid track record in delivering and implementing engineering solutions for a range of brake-related issues across all types of vehicle platforms for a host of global operators such as Jaguar Land Rover, NP Aerospace and the MOD.

Ahead of Eurobrake, MIRA’s Chief Commercial and Technical Officer, Geoff Davis, said:

“Having a new facility in Spain is the missing piece of the puzzle for the MIRA braking team, allowing us to offer OEMs a full suite of world class services. The Mojacar region’s unique climate and varied terrain gives us multiple conditions to test systems and complements our proven track record in environmental testing and development of braking systems.

“In addition, this gives us further expansion into Europe and beyond, allowing us to continue to offer our global customers a comprehensive and high quality service. The facility will allow us to expand our customer focused durability testing programmes into Europe, outside of the brake attribute area.”


MIRA has a world class independent brake development, test and certification team to support the global automotive market. MIRA’s braking team has ISO17025 accreditation and is an appointed technical service for EEC/ECE braking legislation for all vehicle categories.

MIRA’s capabilities in vehicle braking include design, validation and supply of improved actuation systems, brake booster units, development support for low dust friction materials, brake test services to major vehicle manufacturers and research consultancy.

MIRA has earned an enviable reputation since it was originally formed in 1946 and is known for being a comprehensive transport engineering solutions provider to the automotive and defence industries, as well as engineering smart solutions for future transport technologies.