MIRA Enhances its Functional Safety Offer

MIRA is one of the first organisations to become an appointed body for CASS (Conformity Assessment of Safety-Related Systems) compliance declarations – helping both customers and suppliers meet the latest Functional Safety Management (FSM) requirements.

£300 Million MIRA Development Given Green Light

With fresh regulation (IEC61508 2nd edition) now making it mandatory for companies to document their FSM credentials, CASS forms are available free of charge and represent a proven method of certification.

In becoming a CASS-appointed body, MIRA will be responsible for holding FSM forms demonstrating compliance – from basic declarations, to satisfy a client’s quality assurance department, right through to a fully accredited certification – for ten years.

Dr David Ward, head of functional safety at MIRA, commented: 

“Our engineering and test expertise is invaluable in helping customers to achieve their required functional safety standards and we also offer training courses to assist them in understanding new international legislation such as ISO 26262.

“Becoming a notified body for CASS is therefore a logical progression for us and enhances the service we are able to offer – effectively making us a one-stop-shop when it comes to FSM.” 

Companies and products that utilise the CASS declaration procedure to achieve IEC61508 compliance become internationally noted and are recognised by national accreditation bodies globally – enabling them to pursue opportunities in foreign markets. 

The CASS Scheme Ltd is a registered UK company that determines and practices the rules of CASS for the benefit of industry. Members of the CASS Scheme Ltd are selected from a broad range of industries including manufacture, design and certification as well as professional institutions in order to maintain solid technical and commercial input.

The relevant forms for a FSM declaration are available free of charge from both the CASS website www.cass.uk.net and the 61508 Association website www.61508.org, and the declaration procedure is both simple and low cost.

MIRA training options range from a one day awareness course, suitable for all personnel including management and support functions, through to in-depth courses aimed at system developers. For more information contact [email protected]