MIRA China Launches New Kinematics and Compliance Test Rig

MIRA China has opened a new Anthony Best Dynamics Kinematics and Compliance (K&C) test rig at its development centre in the Xiangyang, Hubei Province – less than 2km from its Xiangyang Proving Ground.

CN KC Test Rig 1

It is the first K&C rig to be launched by HORIBA MIRA outside of the UK and will provide an essential test service for chassis design and development within the Chinese market. The new facility will enable the team to support the whole vehicle dynamics development process including competitor analysis, target setting, simulation analysis and prototype tuning, ensuring excellent handling and comfort characteristics, all from one single location.

The new facility is now open, commissioned according to the strict standards and procedures provided by HORIBA MIRA UK, and supported by a mature engineering team, many of whom are international experts residing in China.

With travel restrictions resulting from the coronavirus crisis, the new facility will greatly reduce local travel, vehicle transportation and related travel risks related to vehicle development.

This latest investment supports MIRA China’s wider capability, spanning chassis platform design and development, chassis tuning, durability, brake fine tuning, NVH, thermal management / energy management, aerodynamics, electronic and electrical development, active and passive safety, functional safety and cybersecurity development.

To find out more, contact the team via http://horiba-mira.com/enquiries/overseas-offices-china/