HORIBA MIRA Wins Ministry of Defence Award

HORIBA MIRA – a world-leader in advanced engineering, research and product development – has won the Ministry of Defence’s Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award.

HORIBA MIRA Wins Ministry of Defence Award

The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) encompasses awards for employer organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to defence and the armed forces community and align their values with the Armed Forces Covenant. HORIBA MIRA signed the covenant earlier this year.Andrew Marriott 2C Research Technician at HORIBA MIRA 3B former Corporal in

HORIBA MIRA has long employed veterans and reservists in addition to civilian staff, utilising the unique capabilities and skills veterans and reservists acquire through working in the military – particularly experienced with technology yet to be used by civilians. In keeping with their pledge to support the armed forces community, HORIBA MIRA has also implemented a ‘Reserve Forces Training and Mobilisation Policy’, which supports reservist employees throughout their training and deployment. The policy provides up to 10 days leave for the reservists’ annual camp, as well as flexible leave for staff impacted by a partner’s deployment.

Andy Marriott is a Research Technician for HORIBA MIRA. Having joined the company in 2013 shortly after leaving the Regular Army, Andy currently serves as a Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineer Army Reservist.

He said:

“Prior to working for MIRA, I served in the Army as a Vehicle Mechanical Engineer, servicing and maintaining armoured military vehicles. My experience with heavy goods and armoured vehicles has been recognised by HORIBA MIRA and I am currently working on a number of military contracts for HORIBA MIRA, and for companies based within the MIRA Technology Park.

“The support HORIBA MIRA gives me as a Reservist is second to none. If I need to take some time off from work for Force training and exercises, I am absolutely able to – and am supported to do so.”

In addition to employing Armed Forces veterans, HORIBA MIRA works closely with the defence industry through testing and engineering consultancy. This includes supporting the British Ministry of Defence and its suppliers on programmes such as Panama and the HORIBA MIRA Modular Autonomous Control Equipment (MACE) route proving and clearing system. The technology allows intelligent UGVs to be operated in both tele-op and autonomous modes up to 2km away in the detection of IEDs.

Dr George Gillespie OBE, CEO at HORIBA MIRA, said: 

 “We are very honoured to have won this award in recognition of MIRA’s continued support of those who have served and are currently serving in the military. Armed Forces veterans and reservists have a unique understanding of the challenges facing the transport sector, and being able to harness this talent by supporting veterans as they move into civilian life is hugely beneficial for both parties.”

The ERS Award will be presented by the Ministry of Defence at the Library of Birmingham on Thursday, 17 November.