HORIBA MIRA Becomes First Large Vehicle TEMPEST Accredited Facility in the UK

HORIBA MIRA, a world-leader in advanced vehicle engineering, research and product development, is strengthening its automotive cybersecurity capabilities by offering full-vehicle TEMPEST testing, as a result of its partnership with Secure Systems and Technologies (SST), a CPTAS* accredited body.


The TEMPEST standard enables First of Type Platform tests to be carried out at HORIBA MIRA for military manufacturers looking to understand the susceptibility of computer and telecommunications devices in their vehicles to hacking. These devices include computers, cables, telephones, radio signals and operating systems, which all emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that can be used by dishonest interceptors to reconstruct intelligible data.

The SST CPTAS TEMPEST accreditation will establish MIRA as the first accredited large vehicle testing chamber in the UK, with the ability to accommodate vehicles weighing up to 90 tonnes. The standard is overseen by government agency, CESG/GCHQ.

HORIBA MIRA will work in partnership with SST, part of the larger US-based API Group – which designs, manufactures, tests and provides certified TEMPEST, rugged, military EMC, encryption and communications security equipment for military and government organisations throughout NATO and Europe.

Together, MIRA and SST will perform full vehicle platform TEMPEST testing at HORIBA MIRA’s site in Nuneaton, Midlands, to the standard SDIP 27/1 chapter 11 – CPTAS, in order to analyse how vulnerable equipment in military vehicles are to hacking. The vulnerability to hacking in defence and security vehicles is high if they have not met TEMPEST requirements.

Nigel Skellern, Business Development Manager – Defence, at HORIBA MIRA, said:

“Becoming the first TEMPEST accredited large vehicle testing chamber in the UK demonstrates HORIBA MIRA’s ongoing commitment to ensuring we are at the forefront of the military testing industry. We aim to develop a complete suite of services that deliver accredited platform and component level TEMPEST assessments, providing military manufacturers with the confidence that their vehicles will not be vulnerable to cyber security attacks.”

Richard Mundy, Technical Sales Director at SST said:

“We are extremely pleased to be working with HORIBA MIRA to deliver this crucial testing. Military vehicles carry a large amount of equipment, all emitting different levels of electromagnetic radiation, making the vehicles vulnerable to hacking. This partnership will enable us to ensure that defence vehicles we test have a high level of security and have robust systems to counteract vulnerabilities.”

HORIBA MIRA’s work in the defence sector spans across its testing and engineering consultancy. It includes supporting Lockheed Martin, an American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company, on the Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme which, looks to extend the British Army’s Warrior vehicles’ service life to beyond 2040.