HORIBA MIRA Announced as TOGG Partner for Pioneering Electric Vehicle

TOGG, Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group comprising of five Turkish industry giants, has announced it will be working with UK-based engineering consultancy, HORIBA MIRA, as a key partner during the development of its pioneering electric SUV.

HORIBA MIRA Announced as TOGG Partner for Pioneering Electric Vehicle 1

The battery electric SUV unveiled last year, is Turkey’s first home-bred vehicle and represents the culmination of Turkey’s progress in industrial technology. It is one of two electric vehicles announced by the automaker, with a C-Sedan concept also announced.

Working with TOGG to design and develop the suspension system and associated chassis attribute performance, HORIBA MIRA is taking responsibility for the development of the vehicle’s dynamics, NVH and durability chassis attributes with the TOGG designers’ and engineers’ participation.

The project will see the leading engineering firm ensure the chassis attribute performance positions the vehicle competitively in the premium European SUV segment, offering sporty feeling and responsive ride with precise handling. The team at HORIBA MIRA is working closely with TOGG and other engineering partners to integrate with other vehicle systems, laying the foundations for fantastic vehicle attribute performance.

HORIBA MIRA will also be supporting the platform’s Functional Safety requirements in line with ISO 26262 for all the safety-related elements, plus initial packages of work to support the validation of the first prototype vehicles. Most notably these include the assistance in the testing programme for durability, delivered from HORIBA MIRA’s UK based proving ground, and the vehicle dynamics attribute leadership for the chassis mule phase of the programme.

Graeme Stewart, HORIBA MIRA’s Chief Technical Officer said,

“We are delighted to have been selected by TOGG as a trusted partner in jointly developing the chassis system of this pioneering vehicle for the Turkish and European markets. For automotive start-ups and established OEMs, there are numerous challenges associated with developing an electric vehicle – from new propulsion technology to advanced assistance systems.  We will leverage our long history of supporting our global customers develop innovative and class-leading vehicles to deliver a great solution for TOGG.

“The industry is wrestling to reduce time to market, programme risk and cost. This is driving an increase in the reliance on virtual development as an enabler to save months from the programme duration, by reducing physical development and decreasing the number of expensive prototypes. To deliver these benefits, at HORIBA MIRA we have developed engineering solutions using advanced simulation techniques, complemented by our broad engineering capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities, which accelerate virtual development activities in advance of physical prototypes.”

Mr. Metin Sancar, TOGG R&D Director, said:

“TOGG and HORIBA MIRA have been in close collaboration to develop a state-of-the-art chassis system that would have the ideal balance between driving performance, comfort and cost. By fully leveraging the know-how in both teams as well as the advanced simulation techniques, we are targeting to reduce the development and testing duration significantly by evaluating the potential technical bottlenecks way before the first physical prototype is established. HORIBA MIRA has been an invaluable partner in this journey and already proved itself to be highly effective.”

Production of the C-SUV is expected to begin in 4Q 2022.