Evans Randall Investors Agrees Joint Venture to Lead Real Estate Development of Europe’s Leading Automotive Technology Park

Private equity investor and developer, Evans Randall Investors, has signed a joint venture agreement with HORIBA MIRA Ltd to become the exclusive developer for MIRA Technology Park.

Evans Randall Investors Agrees Joint Venture to Lead Real Estate Development of Europe's Leading Automotive Technology Park

MIRA Technology Park (“MTP”) is at the forefront of the automotive industry’s transition to a sustainable future as a globally recognised cluster location within the sector with an unrivalled reputation for engineering, R&D, world class facilities and testing infrastructure. Located in the heart of the UK’s Midlands automotive sector, the park currently extends to over 850 acres and provides employment to over 1,000 skilled engineers.

Evans Randall Investors will now oversee the next phase of development at MTP, which will see it expand across two neighbouring sites located either side of the A5. The project will deliver up to 4m sq ft of new space with a total GDV of up to £500m, encompassing R&D, office and industrial facilities.

The ambitious expansion plans for MTP are fuelled by a revolution in mobility technologies spanning electric vehicle (EV) development, cleantech fuels such as hydrogen, emerging autonomous and connected car technologies and the associated growth of AI and robotics. HORIBA MIRA’s engineers provide these advanced capabilities to next-generation automotive companies to enable their progression, attracting disruptors such as REE and Viritech as much as established OEMs including  Aston Martin, Bentley, Bosch,  Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota, and The London EV Company.

Evans Randall Investors will lead the park’s expansion, solidifying its status as Europe’s leading automotive R&D cluster as well as broadening MTP’s position to attract businesses across the technology, advanced manufacturing and engineering sectors. The team will work alongside local development manager, Swanvale Developments, to deliver the scheme.

Ned Williams, Managing Director of Evans Randall Investors, said:

“Our partnership with HORIBA MIRA presents an exceptional opportunity to deliver a significant R&D development that will have a positive impact on the West Midlands, the UK and beyond. MIRA Technology Park will continue to be the destination of choice for automotive R&D and we are confident that the scale, cluster and flexibility of use and accommodation will be attractive to the wider occupier market.

“This joint venture is also a key step in our strategy to explore sustainability-focussed investment and development opportunities across the UK.”

Tim Nathan, Managing Director of MIRA Technology Park said,

“The automotive sector is at the beginning of profound technical and commercial change and MTP’s new association with Evans Randall Investors will enable us to capitalise on the market opportunities this revolution presents. This new partnership brings together our 75 years of automotive know-how reconfigured to support exciting next-generation automotive businesses alongside the capabilities of Evans Randall Investors to match this sector expertise with property solutions. Together we will enable the cluster at MTP to flourish and grow its stature as the pre-eminent location for the future of mobility in Europe.”

Marion Plant, board director and chair of the productivity and skills business group at the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP) said: 

“This dovetails with one of the key aspects of the CWLEP’s Strategic Reset Framework to ensure assets such as HORIBA MIRA develop and grow to attract investment and increase the attractiveness of our region to potential investors.

“This joint venture is extremely positive news for Coventry and Warwickshire since it emphasises the confidence in our automotive sector and will help this internationally-renowned technology park to remain at the cutting-edge in its field and lead to more highly-skilled people working in our region.”