Cyber Security Consortium for Connected Vehicles Announces Major New Industry Leading Members

The Cyber security for Connected Vehicles (CCV) Consortium formed by HORIBA MIRA, Intercede and Plextek, today announces three significant new members – Thales eSecurity, Thatcham Research and Qonex.

UK 5StarS Consortium Led by HORIBA MIRA To Focus On Automotive Cyber Security

The CCV Consortium is a group of companies from the automotive, transport and other industries whose joint aim is to identify and promote best practice from experience across many industry sectors, to improve the resilience of automotive and transport systems to cyber-attack.

The Consortium aims to explore cyber security best practice for countering cyber-threat to connected vehicles, including how they communicate with each other, people and the broader transport and communications infrastructures. By understanding the wider connected vehicle security landscape, CCV will work to promote and guide industry best practice to foster and ensure consumer confidence in vehicle systems security.

The group provides a confidential environment for industry to discuss the threats it faces and the routes to next generation solutions.

The group understands that delivering a ‘cyber-resilient’ connected vehicle infrastructure involves multiple skills; from legal to data security, identity and credential management, and newly certified manufacturing test standards and regimes for vehicle manufacturers, their suppliers and the aftermarket.

Andrew Ashby, Automotive & Transport Business Manager, Plextek Consulting comments:

“We are delighted that the consortium is now benefitting from the highly valuable contribution and direction from Thales eSecurity and Thatcham Research and Qonex. With initial trials of driverless cars already underway, it is now more important than ever to deliver industry best practice in the development of connected vehicle cyber security standards. The involvement of these highly respected organisations further strengthens the value of the consortium to the automotive industry.

Nick Cook, CIO, Intercede explained:

“If the connected vehicles industry is to truly take off, we need to adopt a baseline of best practice now; security should be seen as essential and not an add-on. Vulnerabilities in the connected vehicle ecosystem are complex – it’s difficult to control the exchange of data between cars on the road, and it’s not just the driver and the vehicle itself we need to think about, but vulnerabilities at a government level which could have a detrimental impact on society and national security, if not managed in the right way.

As a founding member of the CCV consortium, we welcome the additions of Thales eSecurity, Thatcham Research and Qonex; providing valuable insight and expertise and strengthening our efforts to implement effective best practice for countering cyber threats within the connected vehicle industry.

Andrew Miller, Chief Technical Officer, Thatcham Research adds:

“Thatcham has been instrumental in driving down traditional forms of vehicle crime, so it’s imperative that we’re now at the table taking a leading role in developing and coordinating future preventative measures on behalf of our members.”

“No connected computer system can be 100% guaranteed, and as technological development in the automotive industry continues at pace so that security threat potentially increases. However Thatcham have demonstrated previously how a collaborative approach can help the authorities stay one step ahead of the criminals.”

Colin Robbins, Managing Consultant of Qonex commented:

“We are delighted to be joining the CCV consortium. We passionately believe that cyber security cannot be solved by technology alone, and needs to encompass recognised good practice and standards for business processes, operational security as well as product and solution development methodologies. We bring to the consortium expertise gained from working with established and emerging methodologies and standards across several sectors, enabling the consortium to leverage existing understanding of good practice.

The Members of CCV will be present at the AESIN Automotive Conference, National Motorcycle Museum, 28/29th October 2015.