Baro Vehicles selects the UK to Develop Compact Autonomous Vehicles

Baro Vehicles Ltd, developer of semi-autonomous compact vehicles, has set up its business in the UK as it prepares to develop its prototype vehicle BARO One Golf Car.

Baro Vehicles selects the UK to Develop Compact Autonomous Vehicles

The start-up company has taken brand new workshop space at MIRA Technology Park, the UK’s leading automotive technology park and Enterprise Zone, where it plans to develop a semi-autonomous golf car.

Team Baro Vehicles Luncheon 2017 Carlos Paz Golf 15

Choosing to locate its business in the UK due to the ready availability of materials and the well-established skills infrastructure on offer, Baro Vehicles aims to launch its first semi-autonomous golf cart by the end of 2017. The vehicle, BARO One Golf Car, is designed for closed neighbourhoods, such as golf courses, technology parks and university campuses. BARO One Golf Car’s software contains a pre-loaded map of the course or campus, enabling safe navigation between holes on a golf course or campus buildings.

BARO One Golf Car will have a fully adjustable electronic steering system which can be operated on either the left or the right seat, as well as a dual suspension system that is primarily used in performance cars. The front double wishbone suspension and rear Panhard rod will provide comfort and stability to enable a smooth ride over the rolling terrain of a golf course. The vehicle also uses perimeter sensors and a camera, connected to a central computer, for autonomous driving as well as driver assistance. Baro Vehicles aims to make its technology fully autonomous by 2020.

Over the next five years, Baro Vehicles hopes to expand its team by fifty new employees with a mixture of engineers and administrative staff.

CEO and Co-Founder of Baro Vehicles Ltd., Gabriel Giani, said:

“The UK, and the Midlands in particular, has a strong reputation for software skills with local universities specialising in connected and autonomous vehicle technology. These skills will be essential as we look to significantly grow our business over the next five years.”

Baro Vehicles were introduced to MIRA Technology Park by the Invest in Warwickshire team, part of Warwickshire County Council’s Economy and Skills group. The Invest in Warwickshire team has a proven track-record in helping UK and International businesses to find suitable premises in Warwickshire to set-up new operations, relocate to or expand their business. They also help businesses to connect to new networks, universities and support providers.

Being based at MIRA Technology Park will provide the start-up with access to engineering expertise and first-class testing facilities to help push its technology to the next step.

Terry Spall, Commercial Director at MIRA Technology Park, said:

“We’re really pleased we were able to help make Baro Vehicles’ set up in the UK a reality, and to welcome them to our growing technology park. The business has an exciting future ahead and we look forward to seeing them develop their prototype further and bring it to market. Choosing to move to the Midlands, and indeed to MIRA Technology Park, demonstrates how strong the region is performing in connected and autonomous vehicle technology and this will only continue to grow as more and more businesses like Baro harness the skills and expertise the region has to offer.”

Since 2010, MIRA Technology Park has welcomed over 35 globally-recognised businesses to the site. It has also become one of the UK’s top performing Enterprise Zones and is rapidly gaining recognition as a premier location in Europe for automotive research and development.

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