Trusted and Resilient Mobility

To ensure that our customers deliver resilient systems and services to market that are compliant, connected, safer and more secure Vehicle Resilience combines safety, security, mission-critical functionality and connectivity expertise to provide state-of-the-art next-generation engineering and test services.

Current technological trends in transportation are towards increasing levels of automation, and ultimately to fully autonomous operation, as well as greater wireless and wired connectivity and electrification. However, as the role of the driver is progressively removed from vehicle control, the electronic systems that replace the human inputs will need to provide extremely high levels of system dependability in order to ensure the public acceptability of these technologies.

The implications of new technologies for connected and autonomous vehicles are driving changes in the way that HORIBA MIRA engineer, test and verify next-generation transport solutions. Security and connectivity are now significant requirements in the development of new vehicles joining the historical need for safety and functionality. At HORIBA MIRA we have been implementing and developing advanced services through long-term targeted research, advanced test development and key investments to ensure that our customers are ready for the challenges ahead.

At the heart of Vehicle Resilience is a unified risk-based approach and a cutting-edge cluster of over 14 facilities to support the development of future vehicles that are highly resilient to environmental and criminal threats.

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