Vehicle Development and Attribute Engineering

HORIBA MIRA are experts in the development and tuning of a vehicle’s attribute performance.

As our purpose-built test facilities offer the rare capability of correlating virtual simulations to physical measured data sets, detailed virtual development early in the vehicle programme ensures our customers know they can depend on us to heighten their understanding and knowledge-base of each vehicle’s attribute performance.

We are certified for all legislative tests and dedicated to offering nothing less than a one-stop solution. Finding hidden issues early on in the vehicle development helps to cut down on prototype phases and reduces financial strain.

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Project Management

HORIBA MIRA is globally recognised for facilitating a route to market that is both time and cost efficient for the most advanced and innovative automotive technologies.

Our skilled teams follow their own internally developed procedures and methodologies, centered around the engineering “V-Cycle” process that enables all aspects of vehicle attribute performance to be developed successfully, ensuring that our customers’ vehicles meet their target requirements.

We successfully deliver vehicle attribute development across multiple vehicle segments within a global market. Take a look at our case studies to see what our expertise can help to achieve.

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