UNECE Regulation 10.06 and the Type Approval Process Webinar

UNECE Regulation 10.06 and the Type Approval Process

We have been delivering EMC engineering excellence to the automotive industry since 1987. This has enabled us to gain unrivalled experience in EMC testing, qualification programmes and consultancy, meaning that we are the perfect choice to assist you in meeting your programme objectives.

With on-going membership of all of the key international standards committees, world-class vehicle and component EMC test facilities and over 30 years delivering global programmes and R&D in this area, including computational electromagnetics analysis, we are the trusted choice for automotive EMC.

This webinar will discuss the recent changes implemented by the latest addition to UNECE Regulation 10 along with a summary of the automotive Type Approval process for both sub-components and vehicles and how HORIBA MIRA can support your product development, test and certification requirements.