Durability Test Laboratory

Our Components test lab is equipped with a vast range of test equipment to assess the performance of your product.

Our aim is to provide rigorous assessment, of the fitness for purpose of the product, over its intended lifetime.

We carry out accelerated durability tests, ultimate strength tests, wear test, CAE validation tests – in fact, anything that we can apply our diverse range of test equipment to. We work across many engineering sectors, not just automotive. Our focus is bespoke tests to suit your product or your required test specification.

Our specialist component durability test equipment includes:

Modular Servo-Hydraulic Testing

A large number of actuators, all operating in closed loop control allowing precise, rapid, repeatable application of load and displacement. Multiple actuators can be incorporated into a single test to give complex multi-axis loading of components.

Modular Pneumatic Test

Like Servo-Hydraulic testing (using air not oil)

Environmental Conditioning 

A wide range of chambers and conditioners allowing control of temperature, humidity and solar loading.

Pressure Cycling 

A range of pumps and control equipment to allow pressure cycling of hoses, from brake hoses to coolant hoses and radiators.

Contamination Cycling

Using peristaltic pumps we can circulate slurry and other environmental contaminants around a system during testing.

Instrumentation and Data Logging

A wide range of instrumentation all calibrated and traceable to national standards to allow us to measure and continuously log the conditions during each test. Our measurement range typically covers loads, strains, displacements, accelerations, temperatures, pressures, flow rates etc.

Dedicated Test Facilities with KUKA Robot

We have a KUKA robot used for repetitive loading tasks of a complex nature, e.g. for seat testing to replace manual entry egress loading.

Squeak And Rattle Assessment

A fully sound proofed electromagnetic shaker with a large head expander, capable of testing items up to 500kg. The facility is used for subjective noise assessment by our experienced engineers.

Multi Axis Shake Tables

Including a Team Cube for accurate reproduction of real world vibration inputs. Single axis squeak and rattle assessment – a single axis electromagnetic shaker in a dedicated quiet room for subjective evaluation of components and assemblies

Like our dedicated staff, our equipment is adaptable and flexible and can be combined into a single test – we call it Life Simulation Testing. So if you need multi-axis loading or vibration, with pneumatic cycling of a specimen feature, at a range of temperatures, with solar loading and pressure cycling – we can help you.

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