We are a global leader in Electrification, integrating safe and robust systems into Vehicle developments.

The main area of focus for this being the compatibility of potentially disruptive High voltage systems on a vehicle and its ecosystem.

For many years our team have been involved in Vehicle and component testing and this now extends to the test and validation of the HV systems on board the modern Hybrid and full electric vehicles.

This transpires into two main areas of Focus

  • Vehicle level – The vehicles that are now equipped with on board charger and energy storage systems are now subject to many existing domestic and industrial specification relating to how compatible these systems are with the distribution network. We have a combination of fully controllable three-phase AC and DC power sources along with bespoke waveform generators and grid line filtering allow testing of any commercial EV product available today.
  • Component test – With many new High voltage systems being included in the latest vehicles we are able to isolate these sub systems and exercise them in vehicle representative modes. The availability of upto 1000V and 600kW of power through state of the art protection systems leads to a unique offering in an RF Facility. A good example being the work being done on large capacity EV Batteries were a full compliance test is being performed under RF conditions at full load capacity and real world drive conditions. Many other types of systems such as invertors, traction motor, DC/DC on-board, even HV PTC heaters.

Our Engineers that EMC effects will be a key contributor to the user experience with a high risk of potential issues for integration a proactive and considered approach is recommended and can be discussed and conceived with Experience and Confidence with us.

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