EMC Testing

Our EMC Engineering offering is the largest concentration of EMC Expertise in the UK.

Our team of specialist consultants, engineers and technicians in combination with our world renowned test facilities deliver industry-leading EMC engineering solutions for all of our customers.

We work together to offer the optimum engineering solution for your validation process, budget and of course schedule whilst providing you and your customers with the confidence that your product has been tested with us.

We have a long-standing relationship with many of the major European OEMs, resulting in our class-leading reputation for delivering Electro-magnetic Compatibility test and Engineering support for over 30 years in all areas. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standard in the industry, our facilities operate to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025 (UKAS) quality standard, the highest quality system recommended for test laboratories. Furthermore, we are listed by many manufacturers in the short list of accredited laboratories offering customers an independent test and accreditation facility recognised the world over for managing and delivering for their customer.

We offer a complete service ranging from large vehicle testing through to program and sub-assemblies, ensuring and managing compliance to SAE, OEM, Military and International requirements. Along with test services we draw on extensive Experience to often develop test plans and advanced test methods to achieve compliance with the best solution.

We believe that we have the quality processes, facilities, staff and experience to work with any automotive, military or large Equipment suppliers to ensure product test and development targets are met.

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