Durability and Performance

We have a wealth of whole vehicle durability test and development experience.

With our durability tests we cover all vehicle classes, on either our extensive proving ground or public roads.

Whether your requirements are to access an early level prototype or mule for key failure modes or a final whole vehicle sign off, we have developed world leading durability schedules to accurately replicate and accelerate real-world usage.

Accelerated Proving Ground Durability

Covering structural, powertrain and off-road durability we have developed accelerated and correlated durability schedules for a wide range of vehicle classes and markets. For example, we have the only independent structural durability schedule correlated to the Chinese market. Using our knowledge and data we can quickly define procedures to meet the customers’ needs reflecting target usage, life, test distance or territory.

All of our activities are fully risk assessed. We offer 24 hour running from secure workshops and facilities ensuring customer confidentiality. As part of the test activities, regular vehicle inspections are undertaken, periodic vehicle measurements made, daily checklists completed, servicing and updates completed, instrumentation fitted and logged and vehicle audits completed. All of which can be uploaded to a secure web portal for instant customer access.

Public Road Durability

Of course proving ground testing cannot account for every eventuality encountered on the road. So we have developed public road assessment routes to assess durability and user feedback in real-time environment. Test routes are chosen to provide the appropriate mix of usage to match the vehicle usage profile encompassing motorway, city, hills and country driving. We have routes established in the UK, Europe, China, Australia and the USA.

In addition, we also take hot and cold climate durability assessment encompassing elements such as cold start, passenger compartment heat up/ cool down and hot/ cold driveability.

Accelerated Corrosion Assessment

We have developed a corrosion cycle which is representative of European and North American corrosion conditions. It can be tailored to the appropriate target life, often 10 years.

The objective of the test is to obtain an accelerated corrosion assessment of the body in white structure and associated painting, sealing and assembly processes. Chassis, body and electrical bolt-on items may also be assessed for their corrosion resistance.

The test is a way of determining the areas that may be vulnerable to corrosion, either cosmetic or leading to perforation or structural failure.

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