Battery Regulatory Compliance

We have conducted a significant number of regulatory compliance testing for both UN38.3 Transportation and UN ECE Reg 100.02.

Testing on a wide range of batteries since 2010.

For UN38.3 (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) historically we have tested a range of batteries from the Automotive, Formula 1, Military and other industries that require approval. UN requirements are valid for the transportation of goods by land, sea and air across UN Borders. UN38.3 is a regulation where testing is required on numerous batteries or modules with testing conducted in a specific sequential order. It is a self-certifying regulation where the customer requires HORIBA MIRA’s final test report as the official document to achieve UN38.3 approval.

The UN 38.3 Transport test sequence is:

T1 – Altitude

T2 – Thermal Test

T3 – Vibration

T4 – Mechanical Shock

T5 – External Short Circuit

T6 – Impact Test (Cells only not required on modules or packs)

T7 – Over Charge Test

T8 – Forced Discharge (Cells only not required on modules or packs)

ECE Reg 100.02 is a required certification for road going vehicles for all REESS (rechargeable Electrical Energy Storage System). We have been conducting this testing since 2010. We are a Technical Service of RDW for UN ECE R100.02 which means we can test to the Regulation and issue E4 type approvals for vehicles REESS systems.

Unlike the UN38.3 Transport test, the ECE Reg 100 does not have to be sequenced or use the same REESS throughout as long as the appropriate Conformity of Production designation with the Dutch Approval Authority, RDW. We can take an active role in this Type Approval.

UN ECE Reg 100.02 testing is listed below:

Annex 8A – Vibration test

Annex 8B – Thermal Test

Annex 8C – Mechanical shock

Annex 8D – Mechanical integrity (Crush Test)

Annex 8E – Fire resistance

Annex 8F – External short circuit protection

Annex 8G – Overcharge protection

Annex 8H – Over-discharge protection

Annex 8I – Over-temperature protection

With all the above supported by experienced engineers, we are able to assist with both planning and testing in the most efficient way as well as assisting in achieving approvals/certification.

For product development, we can conduct a single test to any series of multiple tests from the list above.

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