Battery Environmental Mechanical

In 2010 we invested in its first Battery Test Cyclers in advance of the EV/ HEV revolution.

Since then we have conducted a series of Environmental and Mechanical tests and full design validation programmes on numerous products for Automotive OEM’s, Tier 1’s, Formula 1, Military and other industries using Li-on batteries.

The first series of Cell and Battery Test Cyclers were installed in our Environmental Test Facility to ensure cell & battery cycling could be conducted in parallel with the environmental conditions/ stresses encountered in the real world namely temperature, humidity, vibration, mechanical shock etc.

Parallel investment was also required in H&SE compliance including approved fire suppressions systems and significant high voltage electrical training along with a series of supporting equipment.

This support equipment includes high specification data loggers, coolant supply systems and dedicated PC battery tests systems to allow full centralised communication with the test battery BMS whilst controlling the parameters or inputs to the climatic chamber, coolant flow system and vibration all working simultaneously to customer agreed ‘drive data’.

In addition to the above we have facilities for corrosion and ingress protection tests ensuring we are geared up to meet the full need of the stresses that batteries encounter enabling specific validation tests or full programmes to be undertaken.

With a number of experienced battery test engineers we are able to assist with planning, testing and consultation to customers to help achieve suitable development tests or validation test plans using the current numerous industry standard specifications as well as applying our own experience and knowledge.

The current test equipment available includes:

  • Battery / Cell Cyclers
  • Climatic chambers (temperature, humidity, temperature shock)
  • Vibration (includes fixture design and build in-house)
  • Mechanical Shock (includes fixture design and build in-house)
  • Coolant supply systems (this includes bespoke set-ups)
  • Battery Test System (to centrally synchronize the test battery with test equipment)
  • Fire Suppression Systems

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