As part of an ongoing relationship with a major international defence customer, our component engineering team was given the responsibility for the testing and verification of a fighter jet’s nose radome for flight safety in one of our climatic wind tunnels.

A bespoke test rig was designed and built by our engineers that accurately mounted the radome and replicated the client’s loading conditions, incorporating an automatic safety shut-down system designed to prevent overloading during testing. Test loads were specified by the client as shear force and bending moments, which were delivered by our engineers through the application of loads at five positions.

The testing encompassed provision and monitoring of all instrumentation including strain gauges and thermocouples, to ensure structural loading and environmental conditions, and the trials were conducted in a number of environmental conditions including driving rain.

Following the extensive testing regime our engineers were able to validate the design of the radome, and provide the customer with confidence that their product would be able to withstand the high forces experienced during a flight.