Hybrid Integrated Urban Commercial Vehicle (HiUCV)

The 20-tonne Hybrid Integrated Urban Commercial Vehicle was created from a £10m, four-year consortium led by Dennis Eagle Ltd, HORIBA MIRA Ltd, MTL Group Ltd and Magnomatics Ltd.

HiUCV is an electric drive integration vehicle with an on-board range extender, which has combined the traditional body and chassis into one unit.

As an advanced engineering, research and test consultancy we were a major partner in the project, and were responsible for the design, construction and testing of the low carbon hybrid technologies that underpin the vehicle. This also included the creation of the rear axle traction systems and suspension, the vehicle’s high-voltage battery, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and hybrid system integration.

The vehicle was designed for refuse collection in an urban environment and delivered a 50% reduction in the CO2 emissions of refuse vehicles per tonne collected.

The electric vehicle and advanced battery systems – combined with its design – reduces the weight of the vehicle, allowing a 50% increase in volume for given wheel space. In addition, the vehicle has multiple steering modes with all-round visibility and complete side-guard protection.