Mastiff - one of the many defence
vehicles that HORIBA MIRA has worked on

Case Study:

Defence Vehicle Braking Development

With the ever-present threat of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) affecting the work of Coalition forces in Afghanistan, HORIBA MIRA’s work on the UK MOD’s fleet of Mastiff, Ridgback, Wolfhound and Buffalo vehicles quickly became an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR).

Although original braking system for the FPI Cougar base vehicle had been designed to comply with US braking regulations, they did not meet with European standards. HORIBA MIRA was engaged to redesign parts of the brake actuation system to ensure that it could be classed as Euro complaint and safe for deployment.

HORIBA MIRA’s braking experts were tasked with re-configuring the brake line systems of the heavily armoured troop transports in order to ensure that they were engineered for safety.

Following a successful system development phase, HORIBA MIRA technicians carried out the brake system modification on approximately 350 Mastiff Mk II and Ridgback vehicles in one of HORIBA MIRA’s dedicated Nuneaton based build facilities.

A number of additional upgrades were also implemented during the Mastiff programme including exterior lighting enhancements and a reduced electronic ‘noise signature’ - achieved through advanced EMC development work carried out at another of HORIBA MIRA’s Midlands based facilities.

HORIBA MIRA’s leading brake testing and development capability enabled the MOD to successfully deploy their fleet of Mastiffs to front-line duty ahead of schedule, helping to protect the lives of Coalition soldiers.