Ready for WLTP – range and energy consumption testing for a new EV

Case Study Overview

An electric vehicle start up commissioned HORIBA MIRA to support range and energy consumption testing on its light commercial vehicle programme, with a view to achieving WLTP certification.

A crucial part of the project was access to the VCA-approved chassis dyno at HORIBA MIRA’s Vehicle Propulsion Centre in Nuneaton, which is equipped to carry out WLTP testing.



The process began with HORIBA MIRA’s in-house electrical team preparing the vehicles to ensure that they were safe to test and to minimise the risks of disruption.

Next, the vehicles were instrumented. Discussions had already taken place with the OEM to determine exactly what parameters were required in the testing, and how these could best be obtained from the vehicles.

A test plan was put together, with the initial work focusing on corelation to the OEM’s own simulations for range and energy consumption, followed by development work to refine the vehicle’s performance.

As the development progressed, the team began running parts of the regulatory cycle on the dyno to give an indication of energy consumption, before progressing to full WLTC drive cycles.

All of this drew on HORIBA MIRA’s past experience of EV testing, which has helped to refine the test process and integrate a high degree of automation, reducing the risk of test failures and speeding up data processing.

Successes and benefits

Working with HORIBA MIRA gave the OEM access to specialist facilities and engineers who work specifically with the demands of regulatory testing. It also meant that the project could tap into the full HORIBA MIRA ecosystem, including development facilities and engineering support.

Highlights included:

  • Use of a VCA-approved WLTP test facility, including full instrumentation.
  • Vehicle preparation and test planning carried out by WLTP specialist to remove the risk of failures or delays.
  • Test integration and automation of the data collection.
  • Knowledge passed on by experienced legislative test engineers.

The specific requirements of legislative testing can be deceptively complex, so it’s important to work with engineers and technicians who understand these particular challenges.
Commercial Manager, HORIBA MIRA

Project Information

Project Information

  • Vehicle Range & Energy Testing
  • Electric Light Commercial Vehicle
  • Location – Nuneaton, UK 



  • EV range testing
  • EV energy consumption testing
  • WLTP compliance
  • Instrumentation
  • Test planning
  • Vehicle preparation
  • Calibration optimisation

This provided the customer with the specialist equipment it required, along with the support of HORIBA MIRA’s test engineers, who brought extensive experience of legislative testing.

Engineering team deployed: Seven full-time technicians, plus three engineers overseeing the tests.