We have many years of experience in the field of testing HVAC and Powertrain Cooling Systems.

Our powertrain capability includes a number of specialist test cells that enable all aspects of IC engine development including: calibration, performance and economy, mechanical development & general durability

Our broad range of dyno specifications encompasses: high speed/high power cells for gasoline applications, through to high torque/ medium speed cells designed for medium and large capacity diesel applications.

Our specialist RDE+ capability supports the development of modern engines capable of satisfying global emissions standards, including “Real Driving Emissions” under a wide range of environmental conditions, by accurately replicating all global boundary conditions including dynamic altitude control.

Powertrain Cooling

We offer a range of climatic test and development solutions and computations methods that ensure: accurate, repeatable and effective development of contemporary powertrain cooling systems.

Effective powertrain cooling ensures thermal parameters are maintained within prescribed limits, whilst minimizing parasitic losses, aerodynamic drag, on-cost and vehicle mass.

The purpose of these facilities is to assist with the design and development of whole vehicle powertrain cooling under simulated global conditions; drastically reducing the need for HOT/COLD environmental test trips and compressing the development timeline by ensuring waiting for weather windows is a thing of the past.

Climatic Wind Tunnel One, a premium facility with 4WD dyno and full spectrum solar array is able to replicate a huge range of environmental conditions necessary for underwood thermal management.

Climatic wind tunnel “two”, is the larger of the two climatic wind tunnels providing the truck, bus, off-highway and military sectors with the ability to develop vehicles using the same, best practice methods.

Our Vehicle Climatic Chambers support whole vehicle testing, and are a cost-effective solution for climatic tests, such as “Windscreen Defrost-Demist” that do not require a 2WD/4WD dyno.

Additionally, our thermofluids laboratory is used to benchmark and characterise individual heat exchangers (radiators, charge air coolers, oil coolers etc) early in the development cycle, prior to whole vehicle prototype testing.

Powertrain test facility

We offer a range of engine test, engineering and support services to a global client base.

Our powertrain capability includes a number of specialist test cells for emissions analysis, combustion analysis and pressure measurement. This is supported by a comprehensive selection of in-house support services including a clean build area as well as machining, instrumentation and calibration services.

Engine test facilities

  • 9 Engine Test Cells
  • CP Control Systems
  • Absorption Dynamometers up to 400kW
  • Plint Transient dyno 150kW
  • New Horiba AC Dyno with STARS Automation Control System – 250kW
  • CAHU – Combustion Air Handling Unit
  • Temperature & Humidity Control (Typical Operating Conditions 25̊C & 50% RH)
  • Clean Build Area for Tear Down and Rectification Work

Engine test support services

  • Engine Build
  • Engine Strip and Re-build
  • Component Changes
  • Highly Experienced, Flexible Staff
  • Pump and Reference Grade Gasoline & Diesel Test Fuels
  • In-house Support Services:
  • Machining
  • Instrumentation
  • Specialist Instrument Calibration
  • Stores

Engine test support services

  • Horiba 7000 and 9000 Emissions Analysis
  • Smoke Measurement – AVL 439 and 415s
  • AVL Indismart Combustion Analysis Equipment
  • In-cylinder pressure measurement
  • Pressure, flow and temperature measurement
  • Blow-by, smoke and fuel flow measurement

Powertrain engineering key services

  • Mapping and calibration support
  • Diesel DPF test and development
  • UREA dosing investigation for NOx control
  • SCR durability, NH3slip measurement
  • DPF Ash Retention Testing
  • Oil degradation sample preparation for TLA wear measurement programmes
  • Engine Efficiency and Fuel Consumption Evaluation
  • Drive Cycle Simulation
  • Technical investigation and problem-solving

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