Powertrain and Emissions

HORIBA MIRA’s tailpipe emissions capability is a set of integrated solutions covering engine test, chassis dyno and real driving emissions; all cross-correlated to ensure effective emissions development at every stage in the development cycle.

Our two emissions laboratories deliver the option for either 2WD or 4WD emissions development, with a range of additional technical features.

Our Advanced Emissions Test Centre (AETC) supports the certification of passenger cars and LCV’s to standardized legislative requirements, such as WLTP (Euro 6d), as well as the rapidly expanding library of bespoke cycles developed in response to the latest  ‘Real Driving Emissions’ regulations.

AETC is designed to provide the development platform for global powertrain calibration and certification that the industry needs to address the widening scope of tailpipe emissions challenges. The combination of the state-of-the-art HORIBA 4WD dynamometer and emissions systems will allow the determination of exhaust pollutants over a range of climatic conditions, altitudes and temperatures between -20°C and 35°C.

Additionally, our 2WD Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Laboratory, delivers additional ambient development capability, certification to Euro 6b and cost-effective PEMS correlation.

Both laboratories benefit from integrated Real Driving Emissions support and “RDE+” (RDE simulation capability).

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