Roll Cage Design

Roll cage simulation.

MIRA is the sole provider of roll cage approval in the UK. This position was attained through FIA accreditation of our simulation procedures. The FIA approval involved predicting the performance of roll cage designs by simulation and comparing these simulations against real world test results.

The FIA (Federation Internationale de l”Automobile) is the world governing body of motorsport and in the UK is represented by the MSA (Motor Sports Association). The MSA oversee the approval of roll cages for use in motor sport via three methods:

  • The manufacturer must follow the construction guidelines
  • The manufacturer may modify from these guidelines to construct a lighter roll cage and are required to conduct a physical test
  • Alternatively instead of testing physical prototypes to certify the Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS), a manufacturer can use simulation methods to verify that the ROPS will withstand the loads

In addition to providing approval of roll cage designs submitted by customers, MIRA also offer a full design, optimisation and approval process. Example – MIRA designed and approved the roll cage for the successful 2007 Team Dynamics Honda Civic Touring Car. MIRA also carry out analyses on commercial roll cage designs. MIRA’s experience is used to ensure that ROPS modelling is accurate to physical conditions. We ensure that Boundary conditions are accurately modelled.

Prototype roll cage build and test.

MIRA will build a 3D Finite Element model of the ROPS. Apply all the necessary boundary conditions and run the simulations using industry standard LS-DYNA software. We make sure elastic and plastic behaviour of the material is correct. MIRA has a vast library of material data from testing performed in house in our laboratory. This covers many common steels used in ROPS construction such as T45, 25CrMo4, and various CFS grades. Any joints – welded or bolted, are correctly modelled. If the cage passes the loadcase, MIRA will Issue an analysis summary report.