Full-Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel


HORIBA MIRA operate the UK’s only full-scale aerodynamic wind tunnel. The facility is primarily designed for automotive / motorsport product development and provides a repeatable, cost-effective solution for the aerodynamic test and development for a wide range of vehicles.

Aerodynamic benchmark data for some of the world’s most iconic cars and light commercial vehicles can be purchased through our website here

The wind tunnel is also used for testing a variety of non-automotive products that require safety testing under extreme wind speeds such as:
• Street furniture
• UAVs / drones
• Antennas / satellite dishes
• Wind turbines
• Civil structures
• Windows and greenhouses
• Liferafts

The large facility is also a great location for filming purposes / events and has been used for a wide range of activities including:
• TV shows
• Adverts
• Promotional videos
• Documentaries
• Music videos

All tests are carried out in a safe environment and customers receive a fully confidential service. On-site catering facilities are also available. 

If you're looking to test or film in environmental conditions such as snow, rain, heat or humidity (as well as wind) then check out our climatic wind tunnel facilities

  • Test section area:15m (L) x 7.9m (W) x 4.4m (H) with a cross sectional frontal area of 35m2
  • Maximum wind speed: 36m/s (equivalent to 130km/h) 
  • Maximum weight for the turntable: 4000kg
  • Balance for measurment of drag, lift and side forces
  • Yaw, pitch and roll and yaw angles: +/- 180 degrees
  • Evaluation of rolling, pitching and yawin moments
  • 46 channel pressure measurement system 
  • Frontal area measurements able to be taken 
  • Flow visualisation using: Conventional smoke wank, wool tufts (tell tails) and fluorescent pigments