MIRA Unveils its Rail Engineering Safety Centre

MIRA has unveiled a centre of excellence in rail safety, delivering a design-to-validation approach. With the capability for the design, optimising and testing of crashworthy solutions for weight, components and strength, the MIRA Rail Engineering Safety Centre uses state-of-the-art computer-aided engineering methods and an in-house dynamic simulation system. It also offers crash testing facilities for the sector and has been one of the key contributors to rail safety standards for interiors in the UK.

MIRA Unveils its Rail Engineering Safety Centre

With the implementation of rail structural and crashworthiness legislation, GM/RT2100 rail interior suppliers – particularly for seats and tables – now invest in the engineering and development of generic products to ensure they comply with its demanding requirements. The MIRA Rail Engineering Safety Centre brings together the organisation’s 25 years of extensive experience in engineering and validation solutions for rail safety and crashworthiness to ensure that these demands are being met.

Dr Tony Payne, Technical Consultant at the Safety Centre, said:

“As a leader in rail crashworthiness and safety, we are bringing our experience together in one centre of technical expertise to benefit world rail safety. The UK has an excellent safety record in rail due to investment in developing safety standards for the sector. It is something that we have been closely involved with at MIRA for over two decades, and there is a need to ensure that this is maintained and to share our knowledge around the world.

“Rail operators and manufacturers need to ensure that their interiors meet industry standards to guarantee the safety of passengers for the future. The implementation of GM/RT2100, which incorporates the crashworthiness requirements in the EN15227 standard, will bring a new set of challenges for the sector and the MIRA Rail Engineering Safety Centre is well placed to deliver this.”

MIRA offers an in-house centre for rail companies, providing confidence in meeting UK standard regulations in rail safety, and with confidentiality at the heart of its work.