Lord Green, Minister Of State For Trade And Investment Visits MIRA

Lord Green – Minister of State for Trade and Investment – recently paid a visit to MIRA to see first-hand some of the work that the international vehicle engineering and test consultancy is doing to realise its ambition to become Europe’s most advanced independent transport technology facility.

Lord Green, Minister Of State For Trade And Investment Visits MIRA

During his visit on June 26 2012, Lord Green met with MIRA’s CEO, Dr George Gillespie, MIRA’s Business Development Director, Dr Geoff Davis and MIRA Technology Park Commercial Director, Terry Spall and was given insight into developments relating to MIRA’s £300 million expansion plans, incorporating the MIRA Technology Park.

Whilst at the Nuneaton-based facility, Lord Green was also introduced to MIRA’s latest application for its proprietary UGV control system, MACE, which enables unmanned vehicle platforms to be operated remotely and autonomously at distances up to 20 kilometres away. MACE technology is mission-proven in Afghanistan, having been deployed in an IED detection role by the British Army.

In addition, Lord Green was briefed on MIRA’s Network Assisted Vehicle (NAV) technology – a vehicle capable of adapting throttle and brake control in response to messaging received through a wireless network, allowing suitable control commands to be generated remotely to accurately execute pre-defined test scenarios.

Before leaving MIRA, Lord Green was taken round the facility’s famous Proving Ground, which offers a range of safe and secure worldwide driving services.

Following the visit, Dr George Gillespie, commented:

“The Minister of State for Trade and Investment was particularly interested in our expansion plans for our core MIRA engineering business and those of the MIRA Technology Park. One of the primary aims of the MIRA Technology Park (MTP) is to help attract inward investments from international transportation sector businesses, and I think Lord Green recognised that the MTP is a fantastic opportunity not only for the region but for the UK as a whole.”

Lord Green said,

“I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to MIRA and was most impressed by both the advanced technology being developed and the management vision to grow the company over the next few years. The UK needs organisations like MIRA to help grow the economy and UK Trade & Investment is there to help them wherever possible.”