Leveraging the Benefits of Hybrid and Electric Passenger Car Development for the Defence Industry Webinar

RIV Webinar

With the advances in electrification now becoming more mainstream in the passenger car sector, HORIBA MIRA will be examining how the processes, techniques and technologies can be utilised to benefit the defence sector. With over 20 years of experience in the development and test of electric and hybrid passenger vehicles and a similar number of years defence industry experience, HORIBA MIRA is perfectly placed to examine the cross-over between the two sectors.

This webinar will examine what should, and what shouldn’t be transferred between the two sectors and will give an overview of the benefits that can be gained through using an electrified powertrain in a defence vehicle. The webinar will conclude with a case-study showing the benefits of applying a hybrid system to a Rapid Intervention Vehicle.

Leveraging the benefits of Hybrid and Electric passenger car development