HORIBA MIRA’s Chief Engineer Announced as AESIN Workstream Chair

HORIBA MIRA’s Chief Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Engineer, Tim Edwards, has been appointed Chair of AESIN’s ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and HAV (Highly Automated Vehicles) Workstream.

HORIBA MIRA’s Chief Engineer Announced as AESIN Workstream Chair

Having been an integral part of the ADAS & HAV Workstream for over four years, Tim’s extensive industry experience saw him previously lead the verification and validation (V&V) sub-group, where he developed the industry roadmap for the V&V of automated vehicles.

In his role, Tim will be working alongside a new Co-Chair, Gunny Dhadyalla Chief Engineer at WMG, to progress the development of new vehicle technologies and engineering capabilities. Together they’ll be taking a holistic view across the workstreams to understand the interrelating themes, prioritise and address the current challenges and determine the next steps.

Tim said:

 “With autonomous vehicles in their very nature requiring interoperability, it is crucial that we work collaboratively across the industry in order to address the challenges associated with the development of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies.

“There is an extensive network of the automotive supply chain represented through AESIN and so many opportunities for us to develop and represent industry thought leadership, provide a consensus voice of industry to government, and collaborate on new research projects. I look forward to supporting and building upon the UK network to enable functional, safe and robust automated vehicle technologies.”

In the first of many events to come, the AESIN ADAS & HAV Workstream will be holding a workshop on Wednesday 25th November. The workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss industry needs, understand the gaps and prioritise activity, plus revisit the objectives of the group and to characterise the ADAS & HAV supply chain.

To join the workshop, contact AESIN via www.aesin.org.uk