HORIBA MIRA Gender Pay Gap Report


As a global provider of automotive engineering, research and test services our purpose is to improve lives by making journeys safer, cleaner and smarter. As part of HORIBA Group, we are working to solve the problems to deliver a sustainable environment for society. To achieve this we recognise diversity, and within that supporting every team member to maximise their potential, as central to our ability to solve such problems and achieve societal value.

As an employer who is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion everyone who works with us is treated fairly and each salary is dependent upon a person’s role, the respective market rate for their expertise, their level of responsibility and contribution to the business.

We continue to recruit based on talent and reward our team fairly and transparently. At a time of unprecedented change and challenge for our industry we have seen the progression of women through HORIBA MIRA at all levels

We continue to see a larger proportion of men employed within automotive consultancy and we’re working actively to support the promotion of further diversity in the industry.

Gender report


Women Men Difference Rolling 12m up to and including March 2023  
£18.02 £23.25 23% 20%  
Women Men Difference Rolling 12m up to and including March 2023  
£16.61 £20.70 20% 20%  
Women Men Difference    
£5,067.38 £6,546 23%    
Women Men Difference    
£3,482.00 £4,044.41 14%    
Women Men      
96% 97%      
Women Men      
17.1% 82.9%      
  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
  -108.72 – 16.09 16.25 – 19.85 19.87 – 26.98 27.13 – 162.00
Women 36 – (29.27%) 24 – (19.51%) 10 – (8.13%) 14 – (11.48%)
Men 87 – ( 70.73%) 99 – ( 80.49%) 113 – ( 91.87%) 108 – ( 88.52%)


Headline figures

Median basic pay has improved by 2% on 2022. This year our reported mean and median basic pay data is influenced by a volume of team members who have chosen to make additional voluntary contributions to their pension from their bonus in the month gender pay reporting data is taken. MIRA offers this facility to team members to be flexible, however it can impact these figures and did this year. The rolling 12-month period up to and including March 2023 reflects a mean basic pay matching the previous year.

In 2023 company bonuses paid out, reflecting the positive 2022 results. Overall, a greater number of team members benefitted from a bonus than in the previous year and a minimum bonus amount was set to ensure more team members on lower pay points benefitted. Mean differences in bonus reflect a higher proportion of men currently in more senior roles than women. However, for this reporting period we again hired more females into roles (22%), as a proportion of all external hires, than our overall representation within HORIBA MIRA. Thirteen percent of our leavers were female, reflecting positive retention.

Attracting and retaining talent

To attract new talent and showcase the work taking place at HORIBA MIRA, this period saw us take further our online presence with content focused on our careers, culture and people within a bespoke People & Careers website. The stories highlight what it’s like to work for HORIBA MIRA, as a community and team, and highlights the inclusive nature of the business as well as all current external vacancies. Our social media content is shared with all our connections including existing colleagues and future candidates – it promotes activities taking place on site, training courses, job opportunities and good news from within our business. In addition, within this approach we meet new candidates through the ‘Forces Family’ platform, a service available as part of our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant as a Gold standard holder. 

This year we have launched an iTrent People System, providing us with a system to better manage key career development processes and providing team members with better tools to personalise and steer their career development? In addition, we proactively advertise job opportunities across our intranet and include to our overall business strategy a focussed commitment on supporting agile moves between teams and disciplines to enrich personal development.

We continue to actively work with the local schools and colleges in support of STEM activities, so highlighting to females the range of careers available to them at HORIBA MIRA. In addition, we have welcomed local school groups and clubs to take part in our wildlife biodiversity activities on the MIRA Technology Park.

In addition, we have managed a technology park work experience programme, providing the chance for young people to experience first-hand a range of opportunities at the many businesses operating at the location, including HORIBA MIRA. We once again hosted TeenTech at the MIRA Technology Institute and we continue to sponsor and have nominees across a number of categories of the Autocar Great Women awards.


HORIBA MIRA is committed to developing the very best team – with all our people supported to reach their potential and their goals in all aspects of life and work. We treat our team members fairly and equally and each salary is dependent upon each role, the responsibility, and contribution to the business. We continue to ensure all team members have equal opportunities to succeed and will further our efforts to promote this within and outside of our business.

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