Exploring Relevant Testing Procedures for the Assessment of Current and Future ADAS & AV Technologies Webinar

ADAS technologies

Reduce ADAS test times and achieve more complex scenario-based testing

Within the rigorous planning needed for vehicle technology development and validation, it is commonplace for vehicle manufacturers and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) technology providers to conduct extensive testing to normative tests, such as those developed for Euro NCAP.

However, as the understanding of a vehicle’s behaviour within its environment develops, so does the demand from ADAS system engineers to verify and validate ADAS technologies with more complex scenario-based testing, and more specific and bespoke outlier testing.

At ASSURED CAV ADAS, part of the HORIBA MIRA ASSURED CAV ecosystem, we have unique, flexible facilities and are continually developing processes to deliver a significant breadth of scenarios designed to stress the decision-making logic of a connected autonomous vehicle (CAV).

During this webinar, we will be covering how we speed up the delivery times of normative ADAS testing, have flexibility to design and implement complex and bespoke scenarios, and deliver value to our customers.

Reduce ADAS